June 2024

This session of Pete Moser's, rung at 11.47 on June 6, is dedicated to young people and hope everywhere, a constant source of inspiration for him.

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May 2024

This one is dedicated to everyone who who is suffering from war, particularly those in Gaza and Rafah.  It is a Peace Round written by Adrian Mitchell.

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April 2024

This month, a stormy high tide, Pete and Beth dedicated the ring to everyone who is suffering from Climate Change.

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March 2024

At the highest tide of March 2024 (at 12.37) Pete dedicated this ring, including trumpet solo, to many many things, particularly standing up to racism, calling out to people across the world.

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In memory of the cockle pickers who died 20 years ago

This month Pete rings the bell in memory of the cockle pickers who died in the disaster 20 years ago. The piece starts with 23 chimes - one for each of the people who died. The highest daytime tide of February 2024 will be at 1 pm on Monday 12th. The event below was held […]

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Ringing for Peace in Gaza - February 12 2024

This ringing of the bell is dedicated in memory of all those who have died or been displaced in the war in Gaza. The chimes call for a ceasefire - for Peace.

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Celebrating the bell's installation

In terrific weather on September 2, 2023, there was a splendid event to celebrate the installation of the bell. A group of people, many ringing bells of all types, walked from the Man and Boy statue to Breakwater Beach, where the town band gave a terrific performance.  Pauline Neal spoke about the meaning of the […]

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The Spirit of Haisbro'

July 6 2023 marked the end of an extraordinary period of time - about 8 years - for Rob Payne, Liz Dixon and their colleagues in Happisburgh to have been working on getting the bell in place. Their delight that the installation had at last come to pass shines out of the video below, as […]

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June 2023

Dedicated by Pete Moser, at 1.31 on June 23 2023, to the strikers of the NEU and the people of Palestine.

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Installation of the bell!

The beautiful day of Tuesday, June 6 2023 saw, at long last, the installation of the bell.  It was a triumph for the sustained effort, over five years, of Pauline Neal and her colleagues, and more recently Chris Bryson.  It could not have taken place without a great deal of hard work from the Brixham […]

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Triumphant inauguration of the Par bell

On a day of glorious weather, May 27 2023, the bell was finally inaugurated - a triumph for Richard Parks, Phil Gadd and colleagues at the Friends of Par Beach.  It was a double festivity, because it very deliberately coincided with PAR-teee, organised by our dear friends of Prodigal UPG, who created a rich day […]

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Installation Day

April 20, 2023, was a big day on Par Beach! It was the culmination of years of hard work by Richard Parks and his team at the Friends of Par Beach. The complex new structure was carefully placed onto the helical piles that had been bored into the sand. All was done in time for […]

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Inauguration plans, May 27 2023

Stand by for a huge day on May 27. Not only will the newly installed bell be formally inaugurated, accompanied by much festivity and celebration, but our dear friends from Prodigal UPG will be putting on PAR-teee, 'their 'free, family festival of PAR-formance and PAR-ticipation'! What more could anyone want?

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The Feb 2023 New Zealand Cyclone

It isn't strictly about sea level rise, but the current (at the time of writing) cyclone causing havoc in the North Island of New Zealand has prompted this very impassioned speech by James Shaw, co-leader of the Green Party.

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Jan 24 2023

Here is a particularly successful improvisation with two performers, at High Water Springs in January 2023.

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A conversation about the new bell

The bell was formally inaugurated by Cllr Ivan Henderson, Mayor of Harwich Town Council, on October 9, 2022. It was a terrific day, with children performing to a shanty, speeches, thank-yous to the many people who had brought the project to life, and a specially written shanty. About 150 people were present, and the bell […]

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The Harwich bell is installed

Triumphantly, the bell was installed on Sunday September 25, 2022. The first new bell for 3 years! It is a triumph for all concerned, above all for Libby Scarfe. Fairly obviously the pictures show varying states of the tide..

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Making the mounting and installing the bell

The design and construction of the mounting of the Harwich bell marks a departure for Time and Tide Bells. It is made entirely from oak, in fact an oak that was blown over near Marcus Vergette's studio in Devon. As a result it is extremely low in carbon content - very little steel. These photos […]

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September 2022

This month's recording at high water springs is dedicated to mothers: Pete's mother-in-law Eileen McDonald, his mother, who died in February aged 100, and Barbara Wood, who died in August.

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The Happisburgh bell: a new concept, coming soon

After a long period getting funding and developing the design, the Happisburgh bell is at last taking real shape. Shown below is the radically different structure on which it will be mounted - a sled. Made of oak, it is a response to the continual erosion of the Happisburgh coastline, at somewhere around two to […]

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