The Trinity Buoy Wharf Bell

The Trinity Buoy Wharf Bell
Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, is near the Meridian Line at Greenwich. One of this bell’s potential meanings is as a time-piece or time-marker, both in the way the bell is rung by the movement of the sea at high tide daily, and as a long time marker of sea levels and the present shoreline. This site is where lighthouse keepers were trained and navigation buoys were made. Nowadays the site is upstream of the Thames Barrier, so the bell is 'insulated' from extreme tidal surges. The bell was installed on Sept 19, 2010.

The Trinity Buoy Wharf website
Located on the Thames side of the river Wall opposite the Lighthouse
The fourth bell - in London, by Eric Reynolds

In mid 2009 Marcus approached me with his wonderful idea to locate his bells at suitable waterside locations.  As Trinity Buoy Wharf is dedicated as a home for the arts and creative industries we were pleased to welcome the bell as a piece powerful of sculpture.  Particularly as each rising tide would activate the bell […]

The launch ceremony

Is it strong enough to have a bottle of champagne smashed over it? The answer is yes, easily.

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf is an extraordinary place. In 1998 it was an empty, derelict site. Now it is a place with studios for people in the creative industries, workspace for people who work to provide transportation on the river, classrooms for education, and indoor and outdoor spaces for arts events and a wide range of […]

From below

The bell is mounted above a stairway down to a shingle beach, exposed at low tide. This protects it from any possible damage from moored or passing ships at high tide.

The setting

Located just across the river from the O2 (formerly the Dome), and downstream from Canary Wharf, it's hard to imagine a more dramatic urban landscape for the bell.

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