Celebrating the bell's installation

In terrific weather on September 2, 2023, there was a splendid event to celebrate the installation of the bell. A group of people, many ringing bells of all types, walked from the Man and Boy statue to Breakwater Beach, where the town band gave a terrific performance.  Pauline Neal spoke about the meaning of the bell both nationally and locally, and was followed by Marcus, who gave the artist's perspective.  Councillor Michael Roseveare accepted the bell on behalf of the town, and Helen Lovell, Area Officer of the Fisherman's Mission, pointed out the meaning of bells to fishermen, and gave it a blessing. And finally, just round the corner at the Shoalstone Pool, there was a performance of the Time and Tide Bell Commission On the Strandline.  A terrific day, a finale to five year's work on the part of Pauline, Chris Bryson, and others.

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