The Mablethorpe Bell

The Mablethorpe Bell
This coast is some of the fastest changing in Britain. The land behind the sea defences is close to sea level, the sea defences here will be breached in years to come. Land is gained and land is lost, this coast is the fulcrum on which the North Sea pivots into the English Channel, in continual migration, forming and reforming its shape, more like an organism than a pile of stones. The bell was installed on June 18 2019.

The bell is part of a wider community of art projects in this part of Lincolnshire organised by the Lincolnshire Time and Tide Bell Community Interest Company

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The bell is at North End, Mablethorpe, by the Ferryboat Inn and Seal Sanctuary.
Take the path next to the pub to cross the dunes. On the beach turn left, northwards. The Time and Tide Bell will be in sight, about 10 minutes' brisk walk up the beach. The Bell can also be reached from the Crook Bank car-park, approached from Theddlethorpe.
Take bus routes 51 and 59 from Lincoln and Skegness.
Nearest station forcast
add approx 15 mins
A poem by Wes Finch

This poem was originally a contribution to Tania Kovats' film COTIDAL - but we thought it and its film deserves a place of its own.

Everything is connected, by Biff Vernon

Everything is connected. In May 2013 Transition Town Louth held the Louth Festival of the Bees, an art exhibition, conference, operatic concert and more, which connected bees and wildflowers, arts and science, to promote aspects of the environmental crisis that humanity faces. The Festival brought us into contact with sculptor Marcus Vergette who was looking […]

Imagery by Mark Kerton

Photographer Mark Kerton (whose YouTube channel is here), got up early to take these beautiful images of the Mablethorpe bell.

Shifting sands

The Mablethorpe bell is the only one mounted on a beach. It is fixed to large 'helical piles', which like large corkscrews are driven deeply into the sand; this is a common way of mounting structures on sand. Anyone who has visited the bell may have noticed various levels of the sub-structure being revealed by […]

Citizen Science and iNaturalist in Mablethorpe

We are continuing to develop our Citizen Science programme, after the long break enforced by the lockdown, furloughs, etc etc. At the heart of this project is the enormously powerful tool iNaturalist. We have created what the platform calls a 'place' - see below. It is deliberately somewhat larger than the immediate environs of the […]

Time and Tide - a composition by Pete Conner & Andy Aitchison

A piece composed by Peter Conner and Andy Aitchison using the haunting sound of Marcus Vergette's Time and Tide Bell installation on Mablethorpe beach.

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