The Aberdyfi Bell

The Aberdyfi Bell
Aberdyfi (bell installed in July 2011) is referred to in ancient Gaelic legend and song as the kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod, a kingdom now submerged beneath Cardigan Bay. The origin of the legend is lost in the mists of time, but perhaps refers to ice melt at the end of the last ice age, the inundation of the land, and the formation of the bay. It is said that its bells can be heard ringing beneath the water. At low tide sometimes the tree stumps of ancient forests are revealed, radio carbon dating suggests that these trees died around 3500 BC. We installed a stainless steel grille in the jetty floor so you can stand above the bell as it becomes submerged and then revealed by the tide

The bell is hung from underneath the pier

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The pier

Uniquely, this bell is mounted beneath a working pier

New wave-catcher

Installed early in October 2019, this bell now has a new wave-catcher, made from carved oak.

Look upwards - or downwards

This bell has an opening cut in the dock above, to allow close observation of the mechanism. It is normally covered by a grille.

BBC Wales

The local myth is revealed in this short film ...

Seeing the bell up close

Close inspection of the bell is best done at low tide; watch out - the steps, usually underwater, are extremely slippery....

The Dyfi

The chemistry of the Dyfi estuary means that the bell has turned this beautiful shade of blue. Notice the seaweed, resulting from the tidal flow and relatively fresh water in the Dyfi.

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