St Patrick's Bell

St Patrick's Bell, Cemaes Bay
Cemaes Bay is on the north coast of Anglesey and is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a unique history and some of the most geologically important shoreline in Britain, whose significance has been recognised internationally. Local legend says that St Patrick was shipwrecked on Ynys Badrig, where he founded his first church in 440 AD. However this project connects not only with the past but also engages with the present and future. Around Cemaes there is a long history of varied land use, with farming, industry, mining, more recently wind farms, and a nuclear power station. The bell was installed in April, 2014.
The bell is in Cemaes Bay
Nearest station forcast
add approx 15 mins
On the Strandline in Cemaes

Almost as old as the oldest civilisation is the myth of the flood. The story of a few who survive the waters through divine intervention, and the help of a boat… but the flood we face is not a myth, and we have no one to save us but ourselves…. …the opening line of this […]

The launch party

Included a band

How the fifth bell came to be in Cemaes, by Helen Grove-White

The Time and Tide Bell captures imaginations. I had come across the project online, when doing some research for a lecture I gave on Land Art. As an artist myself I had long been interested in art which addressed climate change and living near the coast I had myself  already made and exhibited a video […]

Texture and patina

A close-up of the patina developing from the seas off Anglesey photo credit Millie Bower

The beach

At low tide in Summer

Early on

This relatively early photo shows the bell before it had begun to acquire the patina of the sea around Anglesey. The mounting framework was contributed to the project by apprentices at the nearby Wylfa Nuclear Power Station - now closed. 

Wording on the clapper

Poem and translation by Gyndwr Thomas

Cloch San Padrig, Cemaes

Gillian Clarke, 2014 (then National Poet of Wales) This poem was composed for and read at the dedication of the bell.

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