The Isle of Wight Bell

The Isle of Wight is unusual in many ways, starting of course from the fact that it can only be reached by ferry. It has a much larger than average Parliamentary constituency, a rich and complex history stretching back to the bronze age, but particularly expansive in Victorian times, and a present reliant on a very mixed economy, including, of course, tourism. Demographics and wealth cover the full range.

Our partner on the island is Sculpture Wight; artists and others are engaging as a cultural and artistic community to bring excellent sculpture to the island. 

The bell should be installed early-mid 2021; the location is not absolutely finalised but is likely to be Yarmouth or nearby.

Ventnor bell location decided - with visualisation!

With grateful thanks to Sue Atkinson here is an impression of the bell to be installed to the West of the Rotunda (itself hiding a sewage pumping station). It isn't installed yet - it just looks like it..... Here's the view in the other direction (taken on a sunnier day).

Possible site details emerging

A promising looking site is emerging in Ventnor. This is within the small harbour, against the harbour wall near the 'elbow' to the right of the photo above.

Proposed new site - Ventnor

There is a real head of steam building for the new Isle of Wight bell to be in Ventnor, on the South Coast.The ideal location looks like being just south of the 'Rotunda' a circular building atop a pumping station, sandwiched between the town's beach and Ventnor's small harbour. The bell would be mounted among […]


The small town is over a thousand years old. The castle was built by Henry VIII as a gun emplacement to defend the Solent. Now it is the terminus for one of the ferry services to the island, and this, a relatively small yacht harbour, and tourism are its main raisons d’etre. Opened in 1876, […]

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