On the Strandline

On the Strandline is an extremely powerful work by Prodigal UPG.  We commissioned it late in 2020, and it was performed a number of times in 2021, including a residency at the Eden Project.

The UPG Team bring their distinctive performance-parkour language together with a vessel made of scaffold and a story told by a child to ask, in the face of rising sea levels, how we avoid having to choose who gets on the boat?

On the Strandline is performed by the Emergent Ensemble – a group of five early career performers brought together in the time of Covid to survive the industry lockdown.

The piece toured to beaches near Time and Tide Bells during the summer of 2022; it is still aailable, and we hope it will appear at other bell locations in 2023.  There is a brief trailer below.
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