The Redcar Bell

Redcar lies on North Yorkshire’s East coast, just south of the mouth of the River Tees. In the C19 it grew in popularity as a seaside resort; real growth came later that century following the discovery of iron ore locally, which led to the establishment of virtually continuous steelworks on the south bank of the Tees between Middlesborough and the coast. The racecourse in Redcar also stimulated tourism. The steel industry has been in what looked like terminal decline for decades; a recent acquisition by a Chinese firm may spell recovery.

We hope to install the bell in the summer of 2021.
Redcar Mudstone formation and the Petrified Forest

A very distinctive stone formation, locally called the Redcar Rocks, runs obliquely from the beach, starting near the RNLI station. Farther out to sea, and visible occasionally at very low tides, is the petrified forest, thought to have been part of doggerland 5,000+ years ago.

Warrenby Steelworks

This once included one of the largest blast furnaces in Europe. It has been derelict since closure in 2015, and is being disassembled. An early postcard: The derelict site.

The Festival of Thrift

When the bell is installed in Redcar we very much hope to work in partnership with the Festival, whose mission is to: “ carry out activities to benefit the  community and to advance public awareness of sustainable living through Festivals, exhibitions and other activities”. Hallelujah! Here are some images from the 2019 Festival. And here […]

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