Harwich Connections: Sounds

Sarah Thorn
Horses on the Sand
Lynne Levey
Living by the Water
John Parlane
Bay Sea School
Pauline & Bill
We Met Dancing
Joe Eastwick
The Pier
Pete Moser
Welcome to Morecambe
Richard & Linda
Basil Point Floods and More
Sarah Thorn
Pickled Samphire, Paddling and the Changes
Mike Pearson
Living in the Country
David Braid
Talking With My Dad
Margaret Owen
Fishing at Sunderland Point
Christine Stebbings
The Village and the Gala
Lynne Levey
West Shore
Soo Law
Rock Pools, Rain and Sea Shells
Sarah Thorn
Bus Rides, Marsh Mud and Heysham Parties
Miscellaneous Voices
Chris Walton
Wind and Bells
Christine Stebbings
Fish and Shrimps
Deborah Caine
I Remember
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