Repelling water

A fun, simple activity for the day today! Best done outside in the garden but can easily be done at home too!

You will need: wax crayons, paint, water, a paint brush (quite large), a cup or jar

Using the wax crayons (light colours so you can't see them - like white) make it feel a bit more magical, create a pattern (relatively simple to start with - we drew a house and sunshine) on your paper. Now make a watery paint mix (roughly 1 tablespoon of paint to 1/2 a pint of water). Paint it over the picture and watch the watery paint roll off the wax. If you leave it to dry, the paint will leave a picture.

You might want to play about with the mix of paint. Slowly add more paint to the water - does it still work?


2 comments on “Repelling water”

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