Cloud dough

Last day of clouds today... but this is always a popular activity. Making cloud dough (or cloud fluff). Be warned, you might want your children to play with this outside, as its great sensory activity, but it can be a little messy with smaller children. Our older children also love this, so don't assume its not one for KS2!

You will need: flour (any type - coconut, wheat, rye etc) or talcum powder (or any kind of powder really) and oil. Baby oil leaves it feeling softer, but any oil works - vegetable oil is often a much cheaper alternative. Fabric conditioner works as a replacement if oil is hard to get hold of. A bowl or tray to mix and store it in.

There is a basic rule for mixing this: 8:1. So 8 cups of flower/powder to 1 cup of oil. I recommend to start, you make it using 4 cups of flour or powder to 1/2 a cup of oil. Pop them into a bowl or tray and mix them together carefully. Part of the fun is making the mix, so do include your child. The measuring is great maths too!

If you have any sand shapes, you can mould the dough and chop it up. Play with it. We like to mimic the shapes of the clouds in the sky. This is a handy link to spot different types of clouds.... how many clouds are in your sky today?

If you enjoyed this activity you might also enjoy our other weather activities: making a rain gauge, making a wind sock, making it rain in a jar and making a cloud in a jar.

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