The Cemaes Bay Bell

Cemaes, Anglesey (installed April 2014). Cemaes Bay is on the north coast of Anglesey and is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with a unique history and some of the most geologically important shoreline in Britain, whose significance has been recognised internationally.  Local legend says that St Patrick was shipwrecked on Ynys Badrig, where he founded his first church in 440 AD. However this project connects not only with the past but also engages with the present and future. Around Cemaes there is a long history of varied land use, with farming, industry, mining, more recently wind farms, and a nuclear power station
Tawel ei chnui uwch heli,
Enw Sant yn ei llais hi,
Cloch a'i thraw yn dweud o'i thrig
Dragwyddol weddi Padrig
Above the waves, melodiously, sounds
The name of a saint, so fair,
A bell whose knell is here to tell
Patrick's eternal prayer
Each Bell has its own inscription. This was chosen by the community for the Cemaes Bay Bell
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