The first of the bells, by Sandy Brown

It was thrilling to be part of the beginning of Marcus Vergette’s Time and Tide Bell project, as right from the start it was clear it would be a major new artwork.    It brings together art, sculpture, the environment with the rising sea levels, and music.  A true innovative artwork!    Even the Bell itself is breaking new water, in that it rings chords!   Appledore has had strong links with the sea because of its boat and shipbuilding heritage, and just at a time when all of that is in transition it is important for our community to find new ways of connecting with the tidal sea.  We have the highest tidal range in the world and the Bell speaks to us about that in a beautiful idiosyncratic melody.

Sandy Brown, ceramicist

Supported by 
The National Lottery 
Community Fund 

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 Charity No: 1182967
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