Its raining here today and the data suggest it might be in lots of parts of the country. A great day to hunt for worms! In case you want to stay inside, during the rain, here is a simple activity you might enjoy (it will also help with our activity on Thursday!

You will need: A toilet roll or a pine cone, peanut butter (or any other nut butter or just butter if you have an allergy), bird seed (or some seeds). A sharp pencil or a hole punch. Some string.

Make a hole in both sides of the toilet roll either using a sharp pencil or a hole punch. Spread the butter/nut butter onto the toilet roll or use a spoon to scrape it into the pine cone. Roll the toilet roll/pine cone in bird seed. Thread some string through the hole or wrap it around the pine cone.

Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating, you can even hang it up on your window if you don't have an outdoor space.

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