For todays activity that can be completed inside, all you need is a computer and good pair of eyes. We are sending you over to, which is people powered science activities. You will be helping with real, current, scientific research projects.

If you click on the link, here, you will be able to help the drones identify spider monkeys in the rainforest. The more people who take part in this, the better the drones become at identify the spider monkeys and the better the protections that can be put in place. Children are great at spotting the monkeys, much better than adults. Just check the first couple of videos and make sure they are being as accurate as possible.

Note: Whilst this is happening, you might want to prepare for tomorrows experiment. This will need: a bowl, some food colouring (or paint), and some water. Mix the paint/food colouring with water. Pop into the bowl and into the freezer. We will use the frozen coloured water tomorrow!

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