Rainbow wind indicator

A bit more learning about wind today. This is nice and simple... a rainbow wind sock. This is great for little ones, but a nice independent activity for slightly older ones too. You will need: An old milk carton, some rainbow (or any colour you choose) tissue paper / paper coloured in / ribbon, some scissors, a hole punch is handy, but not essential.

Draw a line around the milk carton, under the handle. carefully use the scissors to cut the milk carton so that you have an edge. Make sure you take the lid of the bottle off - we want the wind to be able to blow through the bottle.

Now prepare your rainbow ends. Cut strips of tissue paper / ribbon / paper of roughly equal lengths (you want them quite long - we did ours roughly 30 cm long). Using a hole punch (or scissors) make regular holes around the base (the end you've just cut). We left 3 cm in between each one but it doesn't matter too much. Then tie on the paper. If you are struggling to cut the holes, you can, very easily stick them on with glue.

Take the handle of the wind indicator and hold it up outside in the wind. Can you make the paper stream in the same way? What about over your head? And can you make them move about in different directions? Try standing in different places in your garden to see what happens.

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