Rainbow Stick Decoration

Very simple but pretty activity today... and it involves more sticks. You will need: 7 sticks, 1 longer and 6 roughly the same size, rainbow paint (or just 6 different colours of paint) and twine/string. You might want some 'modge podge' or clear varnish if you want it to last!

Collect your sticks. If you need to, give them a quick wash and leave to dry. Now, paint 6 of the sticks a different colour. Allow to dry. If you want the paint to last, this is when you need to spray/coat wth clear varnish or modge podge.

Using the twine, tie the painted sticks onto the unpainted stick. I do this one at a time, twisting the string under the plain stick, over the painted stick until is it secure (the picture should show you - you end up with a cross on each side of the stick). Once your sticks are secure, you tie another piece of twine/string on each end of the plain stick so it can hang up.

Hang up and admire! Enjoy...

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