Nature scavenger hunt

A lovely, simple activity for today. It's raining in many parts of the UK, so you might want to use this in between the rain (or just dress for a rainy day!).

You will need: Either a printer or a pen for drawing. Some glue. Plain white paper. An empty egg box.

Draw a table or print the one below off. You can select anything you think you might see in your garden or during your morning walk. Some items I recommend are: a few different leaves, some bugs/insects like woodlice, millipede etc, wood pieces, a stick, grass, if its your garden you could add flowers you have.
If you are walking along the beach, you might want seaweed, shells, driftwood etc... or even a mix!

My children enjoy working out what they think they will see (we've been doing the same 2 walks for over 5 weeks now!) and then drawing the pictures themselves and practising writing the words. But you could print them or draw them if you want to pre-prepare!

You can stick the pictures on the top or the inside of the eggs box or on the box lid (or both) to help them classify their finds. Each section of the egg box should be used for each find.

If you want to extend this activity once you are home, you could use it to the complete the tally and bar chart activity we completed a few days ago.

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