Make your own bow and arrow

It's the wildlife trusts 30 days wild in June. Its a beautiful day here (hope it is by you too) so we thought Bows and Arrows would be a fun activity.
You will need: tape, a bit if string/twine, some sticks. You might also want some feathers.

Head into your garden or on a walk to collect sticks and feathers. Your stick for your bow is the most important one. It needs to be long - from your wrist to your shoulder. And ideally you want it a little bendy (or it will snap). It's quite fun selecting the best stick. Then you need to collect your arrow sticks. they need to be smaller than the bow stick, as straight as possible and less bendy.

Once you're home, you can make your bow. Take your long bendy stick and wind your twine around the top. Then tie it tightly. Now you will need to ask someone else to help you. Place one end on the ground and gently press the top so the stick is bent. Now ask the other person to hold it for you, whilst you tie the twine onto the other end (keeping it bent). If you've done this correctly, the stick should remain bent and the twine should be tight.

Now, you might want to use the tape to secure a feather or pattern on the end of each bow (remember not to make it too heavy). You can also decorate your bow and arrow.

Its ready to be played with. It can take some time to learn how to use it, so you will need to be resilient (a great learning skill!). You hold the bow, put the end of the stick with the feather attached against the string, and pull it back. When you let go, the arrow should spring forwards.


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