Ice challenge!

This is a nice activity which can be completed in the garden or in your house. Keeping to our theme of activities you are able to do inside, on Thursdays.

Today, you will need: some ice cubes, salt, string.

Place the ice cubes on a tray or plate. Carefully place a piece of string along the top of the ice cube, horizontally. sprinkle salt over the top of both the string and ice cube.

Now for the hard bit. Leave the ice for 10(fish) minutes. Go and do something else!

Now revisit the ice. You should be able to hold the piece of string on either side (not touching the ice cube) and pick it up. The ice cube should come up with it - it has (hopefully) frozen around the string. The ice forced the ice cube to melt and then it refroze around the string, enabling you to lift it without touching it.

Great science!

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