Hammer (Hapa zone) bunting

You will need: an old bedsheets or some light colours fabric you don't mind cutting up, a hammer, kitchen roll, some flowers, a hard surface that you can bang a hammer on! Hand extras are a hole punch or a needle and thread, some ribbon or twine.

Firstly, you need to collect your flowers and leaves. We recommend you collect more than you need as this week is flower week here a Time and Tide Bell so you might also want to press the flowers for tomorrow and Thursday. If that's the case, see the post about pressing flowers here.

When you collect the flowers and leaves, try to collect ones which are relatively flat already - they make the best pictures! Next, you need to cut out triangular shapes from the fabric you already have. (although this works on anything - my children have flower t-shirts they made using the same technique).

Now for the fun bit! You need a flat surface that you don't mind getting marked when its bashed with a hammer. At the bottom place the fabric. Position the flowers where you want them, face down. Place the kitchen towel on top, then bash over and over agin as hard as you can. You know when its ready, as the picture of the flower will bleed through onto the kitchen towel. Then repeat with other flowers until it is just how you want it (it is much easier to do 1 flower at a time, than to do lots at once).

Once they are printed, leave to dry. Either punch holes through and thread some ribbon/twine onto it or sew it on. Then hang up to admire!

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