Downloads - resources for parents and schools

We have a number of downloads which we hope you will enjoy and find useful when you are with your children on the beach.

A simple guide to identifying things you find on the seashore is here. (Welsh language here).

Here is a guide to the main jellyfish around the British Coast (Welsh language here).

And here is a guide to identifying different types of seaweed.

These cards are designed for children in Pre School and Reception: download here (Welsh language here).

Cards for Years 1 and 2 (KS1) are here (Welsh language here).

They are designed to continue to develop childrens’ understanding of numeracy, whilst playing on the beach. Research tells us that ‘learning though doing’ or ‘practical maths’ dramatically aids understanding.

The cards are written around the current (2019) English Curriculum and cover most aspects of the numeracy curriculum. They should be revised regularly, to build on learning elsewhere. The words have been carefully selected, to help children to develop their mathematical language, which is a focus in schools and the English curriculum.

We hope you and your child enjoy using them.

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