Blubber Hand Experiment

You will need: Large bowl, Ice Cubes, fat (we used lard, but butter would do!), 2 plastic bags, tape, you might also like to use Food Coloring.

Fill a bowl with ice and water. Add food colouring if you would like (we didn't, as we were inside and it gets everywhere!). Next ask your child to place their hand into the water. It’s cold! Why?
Now for the messy part! Fill one of the plastic bags with the lard/butter. Ask your child to place one hand in another bag. Then put their covered hand inside the blubber/fat filled bag. Seal the tops with tape so water can’t get into the bags.

Squeeze the fat around their hand, so it covers the hand completely - you want about 1 cm covering all the hand.

Next ask your child to place their hand into the water again. Is it still cold? Why? Why not?

Fun Fact: 4″ thickness of blubber keeps polar bears toasty warm. Can they think of any other animals that need to keep warm in cold countries. This is exactly how they do it!

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