Beach Treasure and jewellery

You will need: some beach treasure (pretty/special stones, sea glass, shells) and a glass jar
some bendy wire (we used some from an old plug wire that had broken, but you can buy some too - soldering wire works well - or you can buy some pre bent wire for stone necklace pendants) - although you can use good glue instead, some string/ribbon. A hammer makes this rather fun too, but is not essential!

Head to the beach! Collect your exciting finds. We always look for sea glass (mermaid treasure in this house!), as well as stones that are pretty with patterns, shells we decided are special and anything else we decide is 'beach treasure'.

You can make a seaside treasure display - we put all the sea glass in jars and leave them on the window sill. They look very pretty when the sun shines behind them. Once you have enough, you can even split them into colour groups.

Alan Willens

You can also make beach treasure jewellery. To do this, you select the item you want to make into jewellery. Then cut a strip of the wire. Lay it flat and bash it with a hammer (so that it is flat). starting at the top of your sea treasure, wrap it around in a spiral shape, making sure it gets smaller at the bottom (so the stone/shell doesn't fall out). Then pull the end back up to the top and bend it into a hoop. Tie some string or ribbon around, and then you have a necklace or bracelet with your favourite stone/shell find. They make great presents too!


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