Animals that live in the soil

A perfect day for a new type of animal hunt! You will need: an empty, large drinks bottle (1 litre fizzy drink bottle tape shape), some soil you can collect, a light (torch or a phone light will do).

Cut the bottle 1/3 down from the top. Turn it over so that the spout is pointing downwards into the bottle.

Now its easy - collect the soil, and pop it into the top of the bottle, until it is full (but not spilling over). Now, shine a light on the top of the soil, keep it there and watch.. you will start to see the bugs heading down to escape the light (and the heat). What bugs do you see?

You might want to repeat this a few times - we made a hole and gradually dug down to see what we could find. This is also a great experiment for sea mud and sand.... Try it on the beach and see what different bugs you discover!

One comment on “Animals that live in the soil”

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