Weaving a birds nest

What you will need: some bendy twigs (if you can't find them, you could always use pipe cleaners), long bendy grass or stems, some plant stems, moss, leaves and feathers, a little string or twine. You might want something to use a birds eggs too ( we made ours from mud but clay would be less messy).

Collect the bits you need for your birds nest from the garden or whilst you are out walking. The sticks need to be quite bendy, so the more flexible the better.

Take 3 stems and make a star shape, crossing them in the middle. Use your string to tie the together (in the middle). Now take a piece of grass or stem and weave it around starting at the middle and working outwards, so you create a pinwheel (swirl) shape. so be creative! Use the other pieces to thread the grass and stems through in circles, to create a nest shape. Then fill holes by wearing other bits through the gaps. Next, use the moss and leaves to protect the nest and fill any holes, gaps or wonky bits. Use the moss and feathers to make the bottom of the nest nice and soft!

How did you find making the nest? Was it hard? Imagine how hard it would be with no hands and just a beak! I think birds are very impressive!

Now make some eggs and pop them in! Enjoy!

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