Water density; making a rainbow jar

We have been playing about with this for a while. It's fun but will need supporting. Theres lots of versions about but we have tried to make this one only using things you should have in your cupboards already!

You will need; a jar, some honey (you can dye this by heating it up and mixing in gel food colouring), vegetable oil, water with any colour of food colouring you'd like.

You will need to pour the most dense liquids into the jar, first! This is vital! you might want to do a smaller test using a test tube or see through tube...! You want each stripe to be around 1 cm deep.

3 layer density experiment

For a three layer jar (you might want to try this first!)
Honey goes in first as it is the most dense. Pour it straight into the jar.
Next is the blue water, pour it carefully down the side of the jar (or onto a spoon first).
Now for the vegetable oil. Pour it carefully onto the spoon first - you have to do this gently.

For a 6 layer jar (for older children or adults!) you will need; honey (if you want to dye this you can use gel food colouring, melt it a bit in the microwave with the food colouring and allow to set again, whole milk dyed purple, blue washing up liquid, water with green food colouring, vegetable oil, white spirit dyed red.

6 layer density experiment

Honey goes in first
Then the whole milk (remember to pour onto your spoon!)
Now the washing up liquid - you need to do this VERY carefully
Next you have the water (again, extra care here!)
Now for the vegetable oil (keep using that spoon!)
Finally, the white spirt!

Good luck and enjoy!

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