You will need: During your day walk or time in your garden you can collect, 5 large shells or pieces of wood or 5 things that make a noise when you knock them together. Some string, two reasonably sturdy twigs, a little glue, a drill (to make holes in your collected objects.

During your daily garden explore or your daily exercise, you need to collect 5 things that make a good noise when you knock them together. Here, we collected oyster shells but we have previously used stones, pieces of wood and scallop shells. I'm sure you can be inventive! You also need to collect 2 sturdy twigs (you are going to tie the shells to these. If you can't access them, you can always use the bottom of a plastic fruit tray (like a plastic grape container).

Drill a hole in the objects you have collected (if they are stones, tie the string around them like a parcel (making a cross shape on all 4 sides and glue the string on).

Tie the twigs together in a + shape. Tie around the middle winding the string in a pattern until they stay in shape. Then tie a knot to keep the together. (If you are using a plastic tray, chop a rectangle shape and pop a hole in all 4 corners and then one on each side in the middle and one in the centre).

Cut 5 equal length of string (this is important otherwise your objects won't bash together in the wind to make a sound). Tie one end to your object. Each piece of string should have an object on the end. Now tie the top of the string to your twigs. Use a bit of glue to secure them in place. (if you are using a plastic tray tie them to the corners you have put the hole in and the hole in the centre).

Now cut an extra length of string. Tie a loop in the centre to hang your windchime. Place it somewhere in the garden/on your balcony/in a window to wait for a windy day!

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