You will need: Paper, glue and possibly paints and a paint tray if you want to extend this activity.

Head into the garden or to your local green space (or beach) whilst you are doing your daily exercise and collect anything you think looks interesting.

For green spaces - lots of different flowers, petals fallen down to the floor, a stick, lots of different shaped leaves, grass heads, etc
For the seaside - seaweed, shells, driftwood, tideline finds, interesting stones, sea glass etc .

Use them to make a picture or sculpture. By choosing an animal you'd like to make a picture of, drawing an outline (or asking a grown uo to draw one or print one off for you) and then sticking your objects onto the animal to decorate it).
We suggest crabs, jellyfish, dragon flies and butterflies, but you can be as creative as you want! You can send them over to us and we will put them up to show your hard work!

If you want to take this further, you could use some as paintbrushes - dipping them in paint then painting or stamping patterns onto the paper (or a fence!) If you feel some and they feel rough or bumpy, they might make a good pattern when you roll them too. What pictures can you make using this technique?

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