String Phone

Very simple but rather fun for a friday. Through out the holidays, every friday we will post up a mini science activity for your children to enjoy!

You will need: some cups (you can use empty food tins if you want but be careful of sharp edges!), a sharp pencil or pen (or something to make a hole in the tins), some string, scissors.

Take a cup, and put the pencil through the bottom in the middle to make a hole. Then repeat wth the second cup. Thread the end of the string through the hole in cup 1 and tie a chunky knot. You want to tie it so that the know is inside the cup. measure out the string so you have it long enough (we made it 4 metres long but you can do it however works for you/your space). Then repeat the low tying process (thread the string through the cup and tie a knot inside the cup, in the bottom).

Now play! We had looked up some jokes to tell and whispered them into the cups.. "What is grey and wibble wobbles, wibble wobbles?" "I don't know" "A jellyphant!"
"what do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?" "I don't know." "A dint-snore!" etc!

The sound waves travel down the string so you can hear! My children were AMAZED it worked and had a lot of fun with it all day. Enjoy!

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