A call out for new coastal locations interested in hosting a Time and Tide Bell has been launched, entitled #GiveUsaBell. We are keen to form a relationship with coastal communities from all over the UK that are interested in installing a bell and developing the activity that can go alongside it.

Time and Tide Bells tell many stories – about the weather, their very varied locations, the sea and its rising level due to climate change, and more. They are a valuable tourism feature; and above all, they have life, in that they should be surrounded by a group of people who use them as a springboard for education work, for artwork, and new forms of creative expression. They form a growing network connecting a wonderfully diverse set of coastal communities, take a look at the Mablethorpe bell as an example of just what can be achieved.

Interested? Here are a few key facts:

Each bell is gifted to the community, with funding in place to help cover the costs of the bell itself and all the design work to get it installed, to a total value of around £30k, covered by a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund.

The local community is expected to cover the cost of mounting the bell, planning application and other costs, which can range from one or two thousand if work and materials are contributed in kind to approximately £15k if undertaken contractually.

There are plans for 16 bells in total, corresponding to the 16 points of the compass. Due to the nature of the ‘tidal wave’ passing round the UK coast every day at any time at least one bell will be ringing.

Ideal locations include areas with an interest in culturally led regeneration and a distinctive coastline. Areas of particular interest to ensure diversity of locations include: 

the South coast from Poole to Folkestone
Isle of White
The Thanet coast of Kent
North / South Shields
Aberdeen round to John o' Groats, including Nairn
the South West coast of Scotland from Annan to Irvine
The South Wales coast

To apply for a bell, a community group should be able to assemble a team familiar with the process of planning a capital project, and also with enthusiasm to explore the artistic, cultural, educational and environmental opportunities that the bell opens up.

Anyone interested should contact us
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Charity No: 1182967
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