Marshmallow catapult

This is great fun! Building on our sweetie structures yesterday, we are going to build a marshmallow catapult! It gets the brain moving and is great for small and big kids!

You will need: Jumbo Marshmallows (around 4), Mini Marshmallows (these will be your launchers), Wooden Skewers or cocktail sticks (7), Lightweight spoon (we used a disposable bamboo one, but plastic would do), rubber bands, tape.

Place three marshmallows in a triangle shape on a table. Connect, by sticking with cocktail sticks into them. Your triangle should lay on the table. Now, take a cocktail stick and stick it into the top of each marshmallow. Bring the tops of the cocktail sticks together in the middle and push all of them into one marshmallow. (To make a 3D shape - a triangular pyramid). Tape a spoon to another cocktail stick. Stick this stick into one of the marshmallows below the skewer already in place. Take the rubber band and wind around spoon and then loop end of rubber band around marshmallow and bringing it underneath the marshmallow (so it presses on the cocktail stick, not the marshmallow).

Now, play! If you enjoyed this, there is a video here to make some alternative catapaults... enjoy! 

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