Making panpipes

This week we are going to do a bit of a sound focus. For today, that means making panpipes. You will need: 7 drinking straws (as wide as possible), scissors, a ruler, some tape.

Take 7 straws. Leave the first straw full length. Use the ruler to measure 2 cm on the next straw and cut it there. Pop the cut piece to one side to use later, and then move to the next straw. Measure 4 cm from the end of the third and then cut there, and continue in 2 cm increases until all the straws are cut. Arrange the straws in a line, using the cut pieces as spacers.
Wrap a length of tape around the straws and spacers to hold them in place. You might want to pop a lolly stick along the tape and tape a second time if you have a younger child (it makes them easier to hold!).

Lift the panpipes to your lips and blow the longest straw. Can you make a sound? What sound does it make? Now try the others - what do you notice?

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