Making a bird feeder

A little white ago, we made bird feeders from pine cones. This morning, we can do a very simple bird feeder. You will need: A pipe cleaner (or some wire - string will do but is harder to thread for very small people), some donut shaped cereal. Somewhere to hang the feeder. This is a great threading activity for little hands!

Take the pipe cleaner bend one end into a small 'L' shape (this will stop the cereal from falling off when it has been threaded.) Now for the threading. Take each piece of cereal and thread it onto the pipe cleaner until it looks almost full. Now bend it in a necklace shape (or an oval). Using the ends, twist together so the shape remains.

Now hang it somewhere you can see it and watch the birds enjoy the foods. You might want to use the RSPB garden bird spotting page to help you identify the birds you are spotting.


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