Further update

This is to keep you up to date on developments since our meetings not much more than a month ago - though it also seems like a long time indeed.

We were in the process of distilling the various various proposals into something concrete. That is still in hand, and certainly remains our intention, but unfortunately the Marine BIological Association has found it necessary to furlough Jack Sewell, who was a key part of these plans.

We - Jack, Jon Parr (Jack's colleague at the MBA), Juliette Heppell and I - will return to things just as soon as we can. There are already intriguing germs of thoughts as to the way forward, and we are confident of an extension to the project from UKRI - so it won't disappear.

In the meantime please look after yourselves; and if you or anyone you know has small children at home who need occupying have a look at our new Learning at home page that Juliette has created on our website, a new activity each day to keep them creatively occupied.

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