Flying Kites

It's super windy across most of the UK today, so a nice activity to learn about wind direction and have fun too! You will need: two wooden skewers (straws will do - the stronger the better), scissors, some string, Sellotape.

1. Make the two wooden skewers into a cross and tie them together in the middle. I usually fix them together with glue as well - since my children like throwing their kites about a lot!
2. Place the frame on an old plastic bag (paper or a paper bag works, but not quite as well).
3. Draw a diamond (kite) shape around the wooden frame and cut out.
4. Tape the frame onto the kite.
5. Turn your kite over and use a sharp pencil to make a small hole in the middle of the kite (where the wooden skewers cross in the middle).
6. Thread the end of the string through the hole and tie securely.
7. Take your Kite outside and try it out!

For small children, you might just want to tie a bit of string around the handles of the bag and run into the wind... it works well and it a little easier to make.

Hint: To fly your kite, hold the string and run into the wind, so the wind is blowing into your face. Pull the kite behind you and it should fly beautifully.

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