Creating a Rockpool

Good morning. We hope you have a lovely week exploring our Oceans and Seas! For todays activity, you will need: a see-through bowl, some stones & paint & paint brushes (or some plastic rockpool animals), PVA glue/varnish or dodge dodge, some water.

Have think about what kinds of animals you find in your local rock pools. If you are unsure, you can watch our suggested video here.

Now using your paint and your paint brushes, paint the animals onto some stones - we painted a sea anemone, a starfish, a shore crab, a cuttlefish, a moon jellyfish, a blenny (fish) and a periwinkle (sea snail). Leave them to dry.

Once dry, paint over with the glue/varnish/modge dodge to stop them rubbing off in the water. Leave to dry again.

Now create your rockpool. Fill the bowl (about 1/2 full) with water. Pop in some other stones and the ones you painted. Then swish the stones around - can you spot all your animals without moving the stones around? Or are they hidden? You could add sand or mud if you'd like, so its more like a rockpool you see near you if you live near the beach.


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