COTIDAL Info and Upload

Thank you for creating your response to the sea.
Please follow the instructions below to upload your film, audio or images. As we’re expecting a lot of interest in the project, we’re asking that you only submit one contribution per person. Your contribution may be selected for inclusion in the film, if selected it may be edited to capture an excerpt.  Our Terms and Conditions for accepting videos are here

If you would like quick guidance on making a video it is available here, a longer one is here

Frequently asked questions
Maximum length of videos: 2 minutes
Video details: ideally in mp4 format, 30 frames per second, as high resolution as possible, and in landscape mode; please be careful about audio quality, particularly if recording outside.
Copyright material:  please do not upload any recordings or material on which there might be copyright - we cannot use it.
Can it be any sea?  All seas are welcome

To ensure we use your contribution in a way that you are comfortable with, before you upload your contribution we need to:
a) Explain how we will use your contribution(s) on our or our partners' website
We may include excerpts from your film, still image or audio contribution in the hour long Appledore Chapter film. We may also use excerpts from your contribution on social media or on our or our partners' websites to help promote the project nationally, and at other Time and Tide Bell locations around the UK, in our final 24 hour and 50 minute long COTIDAL film, which will be shown in part or in its entirety in cinemas, galleries or other venues in the UK or abroad.
b) Ask for your permission for the Time & Tide Bell organisation and the artist Tania Kovats to use your contribution(s)
Please only share content if you are over 16 or have parental permission. If you are under 16 please ask a parent or guardian to complete this section for you.

I/we confirm that the material I/we contribute may be edited and used in COTIDAL in any of the formats described above and also distributed in any of the ways described above. Please provide both your name and email address, in case we want to contact you about your contribution.
First 4 characters of your post code
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you would like a credit for any content used please specify here, otherwise no credit will be made.

If you have any difficulties or queries about uploading please contact us at

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