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We have written some activities for you to use on world ocean day.We hope you enjoy them. There are some for the classroom, so that can be completed in the classroom or at home and some to do on the beach. Please do email us at with any pictures you are happy to share, or feedback!

To use the PDF, just click on the picture below to download it and then click on the links for more detail about/instructions to complete the activities.


Essex wildlife trust have some amazing activities that are just fab for the end of the holidays. If you have been to the beach at all, we really recommend that you visit their page and have a look.

One of our favourites is this bottle basking shark but you can also go rock pooling, head on a beach clean (make sure you wear gloves!), plan some eco crabbing and try out some of these ideas to keep the sea healthy (can be done away from the sea). We hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Inspired by Patrick a Arkham’s book, ‘Wild Child’ there is a free family activity pack for you to download here. A great holiday resource, enjoy!

This is a great little experiment! You'll see the sound making the grains of rice move and jump so much! You will need: A big bowl, cling film, uncooked grains of rice (or rainbow sprinkles), a metal pan and a metal spoon.

Pull the cling film tightly over the bowl.  (One piece, as tight as you can get it, without it breaking.) Put about 1 teaspoon of rice (or sprinkles) on the plastic. Hold the metal pan close to the bowl (without touching) and have your child hit it with the spoon - the harder they hit it the better.  The rice will dance!

What is happening?
The pan vibrates, creating a sound wave.  This wave is transmitted through the air and causes the plastic wrap to start vibrating as well, making the rice dance! You are seeing the result of the sound waves in the rice. 

Are any patterns formed? Try hitting the pan harder and then more gently.  How does the behavior of the rice change? See if your child can hit the pan hard enough to bounce the rice right off the plastic! Enjoy!

This week we are going to do a bit of a sound focus. For today, that means making panpipes. You will need: 7 drinking straws (as wide as possible), scissors, a ruler, some tape.

Take 7 straws. Leave the first straw full length. Use the ruler to measure 2 cm on the next straw and cut it there. Pop the cut piece to one side to use later, and then move to the next straw. Measure 4 cm from the end of the third and then cut there, and continue in 2 cm increases until all the straws are cut. Arrange the straws in a line, using the cut pieces as spacers.
Wrap a length of tape around the straws and spacers to hold them in place. You might want to pop a lolly stick along the tape and tape a second time if you have a younger child (it makes them easier to hold!).

Lift the panpipes to your lips and blow the longest straw. Can you make a sound? What sound does it make? Now try the others - what do you notice?

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