This one is dedicated to everyone who who is suffering from war, particularly those in Gaza and Rafah.  It is a Peace Round written by Adrian Mitchell.

This month, a stormy high tide, Pete and Beth dedicated the ring to everyone who is suffering from Climate Change.

At the highest tide of March 2024 (at 12.37) Pete dedicated this ring, including trumpet solo, to many many things, particularly standing up to racism, calling out to people across the world.

This month Pete rings the bell in memory of the cockle pickers who died in the disaster 20 years ago. The piece starts with 23 chimes - one for each of the people who died. The highest daytime tide of February 2024 will be at 1 pm on Monday 12th.

The event below was held on Sunday February 4 2024.

This ringing of the bell is dedicated in memory of all those who have died or been displaced in the war in Gaza. The chimes call for a ceasefire - for Peace.

Here is a wonderful collection of Pete Moser's and friends' ringing of the bell at high tides from the latter part of 2023, working backwards from December.

Firstly, below, Beth and friends play the bell on the highest daytime tide of the month, December 15th, this month thinking about world peace and and the phasing out of fossil fuels

On November 15th Pete rang the bell to raise awareness of the rising tides around the world and especially the effects on climate change of the conflicts happening at the moment. Thinking about Peace.

On October 29th the dedication is to the world with these words by Adrian Mitchell and music by Pete Moser. Bell played by Pete, joined by Beth and Mark.

Steady your eyes

And fix your eyes on

A city of peace

Steady your heart

And fix your heart on

A land of peace

Steady your mind

And fix your mind on

A world of peace

So steady your soul

And fix your soul on

The only future

Our only chance

The beautiful child called Peace

This month, on October 1st, is dedicated to all the people who have shared their memories as part of the Coastal Connections projects funded by NLHF.  Listen to the Morecambe recordings here.

Finally, on August 4th:

Dedicated by Pete Moser, at 1.31 on June 23 2023, to the strikers of the NEU and the people of Palestine.

A beautiful sunny, and windy, day. As ever, the highest tide of the month, played this and last month by Beth de Lange.

Thinking about the Facing the Past project in Lancaster that is focused on the slave trade. Beth singing a sing by Angeline Morrison called 'Unknown African Child' while playing the bell.

Here is a particularly successful improvisation with two performers, at High Water Springs in January 2023.

This month's recording at high water springs is dedicated to mothers: Pete's mother-in-law Eileen McDonald, his mother, who died in February aged 100, and Barbara Wood, who died in August.

This month Pete used a new clanger, in memory of his friend Tim Fleming. Sadly there will be a pause in Moser's tour of bell sites, as he has upcoming operations on his knees.

Pete Moser's salute to high water springs on March 4 2022. His grand tour has been delayed a bit - but it will definitely happen.

Pete Moser ringing the bell on a chilly day at High Water Springs, January 5 2022.

On a windy day in Morecambe, Pete Moser rang out the bell for COP26. The same day that Barack Obama arrived in Glasgow....

This month Pete Moser is accompanied by Ben McCabe. For the non-initiated, Springs (the opposite of Neaps) is the highest tide of the month.

This month Pete Moser dedicates the bell ringing to his friends in Hong Kong. May you live in peace and may your communities grow stronger in the face of terrible hostility.

Pete Moser's playing of the bell at high water springs brings out its extraordinary harmonic properties this month.

Photos from throughout May.... One of the unusual features of the Morecambe Bell is that it only rings due to the waves at higher tides, those either side of springs.

Pete Moser and friend celebrate the highest tide in December 2020.Wrapped up warmer than in August , and with less wind. Thanks, all!

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