Building a mud wall

This is a great fun game for at the beach or in the garden! It's a lot of fun! You will need; an old rectangular container (about the size of a small brick), some mud and/or sand, some water, some space to mix mud - an old washing up bowl or just a spot where you can pour water and mix, something to mix with - a stick, spoon, spade etc!

Start by mixing your mud, sand and water together. You want a nice wet mixture! Now, start to put it into the container, as if you are building a sandcastle. Turn it out and make the next one. Put the shapes in a line - we did 5. Now continue mixing and making, adding the next row on top. You want to place the brick over the join of the bricks below, to make your wall strong. Play around with the mixture - what is strongest? Wetter? Dryer? More mud? More sand?

We often leave the wall up and revisit it the following day to see if its still there, but you can also pour water over it and see it its strong enough to stay standing!

It's great, muddy fun. Enjoy!

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