The Bosta Beach Bell


The Bosta Beach Bell

Bosta Beach, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis, (installed June 19, 2010). The Outer Hebrides are composed of some of the oldest rock/land on earth, which have been resisting the ravages of sea for 300 - 400 million years, from before the fossil record. The beach has been a point of arrival and departure for many different groups of people from the Iron Age, the Vikings, to the Clearances.
The bell is hung from underneath the pier 

Nearest station forecast
 (add  approx 20 mins )

Winter is coming...

In winter the site is very exposed, with enormous seas during storms; the clapper is disconnected for the season, to avoid damage

The launch party

in this small community was very well attended...

At high tide the bell is some way out to sea....

The inscription on the wave-catcher

Due to its unique location, installing the bell needed help from a fishing boat.

Supported by 
The National Lottery 
Community Fund 

 Registered Company  No: 11575853
 Charity No: 1182967
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