The Bosta Beach Bell

Bosta Beach, Great Bernera, Isle of Lewis, (installed June 19, 2010). The Outer Hebrides are composed of some of the oldest rock/land on earth, which have been resisting the ravages of sea for 300 - 400 million years, from before the fossil record. The beach has been a point of arrival and departure for many different groups of people from the Iron Age, the Vikings, to the Clearances.
Gun mhuthadh gun truas
A’ sluaisreadh gainneim h na tràgh’d
An àtaireachd bhuan
Cluinn fuaim na h-àtairreachd àrd.
Mo leabaidh dean suas
Ri fuaim na h-àtaireachd àrd
Without change, without pity
Breaking on the sand of the beach
The ceaseless surge
Listen to the high surge of the sea
Make my resting place be
By the sound of the surge of the sea
Each Bell has its own inscription. This was chosen by the community for the Bosta Beach Bell
Designed by  © Databiscuit
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